Downloads for VISTA Users  

As we all know, VISTA has presented some real challenges for the software world. Here are two objects that you will need to run PlumberSoft programs or demos on your VISTA machines. One is required and the other is somewhat optional

Microsoft MSVBM50.DLL Windows 98, 98SE, Me and XP had the run files for VB5 built in. Microsoft dropped them in VISTA. This is a file that will install them so that PlumberSoft programs will run. Our programs will not run on VISTA unless these files are installed. These are the run files for Microsoft Visual Basic 5. This file is a self installing package. After downloading, double-click it and grant the required "permissions" and it will install the required files to your computer automatically msvbvm50.exe


Microsoft WINHELP32.EXE This update deals with the help files that are included with all PlumberSoft programs. VISTA by default no longer supports the WinHlp32 help file format that was used for years. You can download and install an update that will allow VISTA to open and use these help files just like the earlier versions of Windows. You have to go to Microsoft's site to download this update. Here is the link.


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